Boris Karloff’s anthology tv series: It’s a THRILLER!

I’m reblogging this post for Silver Scenes Universal Blogathon! Oct 29th-31st Universal television provided us with many amazing shows in particular Boris Karloff’s anthology THRILLER… here it is again in celebration of the event!!! Happy Halloween to you and yours!

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Classic TV Blog Association is hosting the MeTV Summer of Classic TV Blogathon

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“I think the title leaves the stories wide open to be based on melodrama not violence or shock. They’ll be stories about people in ordinary surroundings and something happened to them. The whole thing boils down to taste. Anybody can show you a bucket of blood and say-‘This is a bucket of blood’, but not everyone can produce a skilful story”Boris Karloff (1960)

boris intro parasite mansion

At the bottom of this feature you will find links to my older Thriller posts. Some of my favorite episodes- as well as 4 newly covered episodes in brief for the MeTV Summer of Classic TV Blogathon!-Masquerade,Parasite Mansion, Mr.George and The Purple Room!

From the show’s opening iconic musical score, you know something deliciously sinister is about to occur. The word THRILLERappears against a fractured white web like graphic title design…

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8 thoughts on “Boris Karloff’s anthology tv series: It’s a THRILLER!

    1. Masquerade is one of the BEST episodes of any television show that blends her genius for comedy with Poston and the macabre elements that only John Carradine can bring to a creepy witty boil! It’s delicious… I hope you have a wonderful Halloween too ghoulfriend… anything special planned?

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  1. A sublime post! I LOVE Thriller and I’m always showing it to my classic film pals who can be a bit snobbish about television. Paradise Mansion is my favorite and always blows away my film friends. This post knocks my socks off. Thanks, MonsterGirl for the astute blog!

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    1. Harry! I LOVE Thriller, I never get tired of watching it. With or without socks! Keep coming by The Last Drive In, and thanks for the kind words about my humble little blog! Cheers, Joey


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