MonsterGirl’s 150 Days of Classic Horror! #7 La Belle et la bête ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1946)


This post is part of Monstergirl’s 150 Days of Classic Horror “One photo, one paragraph challenge for long winded me!”

La Belle et la bête ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1946)

Beauty and the Beast film poster

Writer/Director Jean Cocteau’s magnificent & visually surreal odyssey thanks in part to the stunning cinematography by Henri Alekan. Starring Jean Marais  as the enigmatic Beast who falls in love with the beautiful Belle  Josette Day who has come to his hidden castle in order to take her father’s place as his prisoner. Beast falls in love with Belle and wishes to marry her. At first horrified by the presence of this mysterious creature, she grows to care deeply for him. This film presents some of the most intoxicating imagery you’ll ever see. My only complaint is that I found the Beast far more attractive than the prince.

René Clément worked as technical advisor and Hagop Arakelian was responsible for designing the regal Beast make-up. The set decoration, production design, sound, film editing and costuming all create a fairytale landscape which is well… a thing of beauty!

Beauty and the Beast

7 Down only 143 to go!-MonsterGirl

5 thoughts on “MonsterGirl’s 150 Days of Classic Horror! #7 La Belle et la bête ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1946)

    1. I know it’s such a beautiful film. Have you seen the music film mash up I did using my neo-classical pieces?I think you’d like them. under the Film Score Freak-

      You are so sweet for nominating me for the Liebster- I actually received one a few months ago, but it sure is nice to know I’m still appreciated by people I admire- thanks Gwen… you’re the cats

  1. One of the most poetic films ever made and a visual treat! I agree that the Beast was superior to the Prince…but I feel that way in most versions of the story.

    1. It is one of the most visually beautiful pieces of filmic art. And yeah, Beast is always the more compelling in any adaptation… I agree with you Rick. He’s so cat like and I’m a huge feline fanatic!

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