Joe Bob Briggs on The Evil Dead 1981 “Now That Grandma Has Left The Room”

Joe Bob Briggs is not only a fabulous comedian & TV Host but he’s the patron saint of Drive In Movie Theaters. He’s witty, irreverent, makes no apologies and is savvy on all things shocking and schlocky!

He puts the nostalgia back into my git along. I weep for those woebegone days of icy cokes, salty popcorn and sitting in the back of my pops Chevy at twilight, watching a now ‘cult film’ in my pajamas as a little MonsterGirl.

Here’s a little snippet of Bob on a rant, during an excited evening on The Movie Channel as they are finally about to run Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead on cablevision.

MonsterGirl (JoGabriel)

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